ASI Group

Ship Inspection

ASI  crews trained in ship nomenclature and vessel structure are ready to deploy to vessel locations within the Great Lakes at a moment’s notice. We provide various inspection services, UWILD In-Water surveys for Class, sale, or purchase of a vessel, and hull coating condition inspections with detailed video.

Our commercial dive team provides maintenance support to vessels, including hull cleaning, propeller polishing, and aperture blanking for either change out of valves or repair

ASI’s full-service offerings for fleet services include:

  • Fleet of remotely operated vehicles for inspection and location of overboard items
  • Sonar systems for 3D imaging
  • Bathymetry for verification of chart soundings
  • Bottom surveys for location of lost items

Contact us to learn more about our services

+1 905-643-3283
For immediate assistance, please contact our Head Office at the number above.