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Ship Husbandry

ASI Marine has the experience and knowledge to carry out technically-challenging repairs and replacement of underwater machinery in both wet and dry environments.

ASI Marine’s commercial diving crew has the experience and expertise to conduct various hull repairs, such as:

  • Permanent Shell Plating Repairs – ASI Marine technicians design and template custom-made cofferdams onsite, and as a result, shell plate damage can be replaced quickly and efficiently.
  • Underwater Wet Welding – This includes wet weld permanent and temporary repairs, anode installation, rope guard installation, and fairwater and access cover installation.
  • Underwater Propeller Repairs – With 14 years of experience, our commercial dive team can modify propeller blades through precision cropping and blade-edging profiling.

Underwater Seal & Machinery Replacement – ASI owns and maintains a wide variety of cofferdams for projects requiring quick repair solutions, including top entry cofferdams for stern seal, machinery replacement, and repair

Our offices are strategically located to serve the Great Lakes area and beyond. We can respond to locations throughout the world from any of our bases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Locations include Stoney Creek, Sarnia, and Orchard Park, NY and Vancouver, BC.

Underwater services include:

  • Hull cleaning and propeller polishing
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Underwater welding/surface welding
  • Class-approved I.W.S
  • Inspections
  • Shell repair – emergency and permanent
  • Cofferdam designs for hull & mechanical repairs

Before Propellor Polishing

After Propellor Polishing

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