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Tunneling Support

ASI’s project managers and project engineers pride themselves on having the ability to maintain a flexible approach to every project. Our unique project management process maintains continuous interaction with the client, identifying and dealing with any and all challenges that may arise. Our staff has been engaged in many large, complex and multi-disciplinary engineering projects for the better part of their careers. They have contributed to an unprecedented amount of specialized projects involving tunnels. These projects include hyperbaric support for tunnel construction, underwater commercial diver interventions and Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) long range tunnel inspection/interventions worldwide.

Hyperbaric Support Services include:

  • Hyperbaric intervention procedure/manual
  • Hyperbaric consulting and variance application
  • Decompression schedules
  • Hyperbaric training
  • Hyperbaric surface support equipment, decompression chambers
  • Hyperbaric intervention support personnel and air-lock/chamber operators
  • Hyperbaric mechanics/certified welders
  • Hyperbaric medical support and hyperbaric physician
  • Hyperbaric intervention specialist standby
  • Project management, coordination and supervision

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