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Underwater Mapping

ASI employs a combination of hydrographic, marine geophysical, and visual inspection techniques to conduct thorough underwater investigations. Using a combination of geophysical mapping and charting technology, ASI can locate the submerged surface features and targets in question. These findings are measured and mapped with precision accuracy in real-time. ASI’s in-house certified hydrographers, cartographers and graphic specialists produce detailed technical reports (hardcopy and GIS compatible formats) utilizing geophysical data acquired during the underwater investigations, allowing clients to make informed decisions for asset management and/or engineering purposes.

ASI’s personnel have both domestic and international experience with over 30 years of providing geophysical services. This, combined with our extensive inventory of the latest geophysical equipment, enables us to provide a broad range of techniques to conduct any underwater investigation.

Marine geophysical services available:

  • Marine geophysical surveys utilizing side-scan sonar, sub-bottom profiling, bathymetry and positioning
  • Geological investigations
  • Habitat mapping and archaeological surveys
  • Underwater search, survey and recovery
  • Dredging surveys and volumetric determination
  • Sonar profiling/imaging surveys
  • Open-water remotely operated vehicle (ROV) inspections
  • Integrated navigation and positioning services
  • Cable and pipeline inspections
  • Unmanned survey vessel (USV) inspections

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