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ASI Group’s highly-trained commercial divers and crews conduct detailed underwater inspection, repair, and maintenance operations both safely and efficiently. Since 1987, ASI Marine has been a world leader in commercial and nuclear diving, having developed world-first techniques and services that have improved safety and equipment reliability. In turn, this has led to the reduction of workload in nuclear plants and other industrial sites with underwater infrastructure.

ASI Marine’s commercial diving crews conduct a full range of underwater services, including;

  • Industrial repair and maintenance
  • Underwater welding/cutting
  • Grout injection and tremie concrete placement
  • Bulkhead and coffer dam installation
  • Mussel control system installation

Our skilled commercial divers have a clear understanding of safety requirements and a commitment to quality control in all types of civil engineering inspections, underwater interventions and marine construction, all routine to hazardous environments.  We have the experience, versatility and equipment to deal with even the most complex technical assignments, including air and mixed gas diving, underwater welding, and nuclear diving.

Commercial Diving and Marine Construction services are carried out under the Province of Ontario – Ministry of Labour Diving Regulations O. Reg. 629/94 and Canadian Standards Association guidelines for Competency Standards for diving operations CAN/CSA-Z275.4-97.

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