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Service Spotlight: Remotely Operated Vehicle Inspections

Service Spotlight: Remotely Operated Vehicle Inspections
ASI Group is globally known for our underwater inspection services, whether it be a manned or unmanned inspection. Manned inspections are a great way to get a first hand look at tunnels and pipelines, however there are many risks involved in this method. Planned outages and dewatering can result in loss of revenue and can cause unwanted side effects.

FERC recently released safety guidelines for the hydropower industry and said dewatering tunnels “is not often done and can do more harm than good.”

Complications can arise when tunnel pressure is changed from dewatering and can lead to failure to tunnel walls. This is not only detrimental to the business, but is dangerous for those inspecting the tunnel, but anything in the surrounding area.

“Tunnel inspection should focus on the ability to shut off flow in an emergency. If the interior of a tunnel has to be inspected, a remotely operated vehicle should be considered,” – FERC

ASI has been providing inspection services using remotely operated vehicles for over _ years. ASI knows the importance of offering a a safe and more accurate alternative to manned tunnel or pipeline inspections for the peace of mind of your business.

If you have an upcoming inspection and want to explore your options using an ROV, please contact us!

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